Rick spills the beans

Rick McCallum loves to talk when he does anything with Empire Magazine.

A summary of what he said:
– The TV show will be set between Episodes III and IV, will be “much darker,” and “character based.” But we still have to wait about 18 months before that starts cranking.
– George’s movie Red Tails about World War II fighter pilots is in the script-writing phase.
– George has finally approved the IndyIV script. Maybe we’ll be able to do it before Harrison Ford is in a wheelchair!

See the full article here.

Jedi Rocks

Star Wars characters from the ROTS video game will rock out to Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ on MTV2’s Video Mods tomorrow. The video features Anakin on vocals, Obi-Wan on guitar, Mace Windu on bass, Yoda on drums, and is sure to be a favorite of drunken JadeCon audiences come August.