TV show hints from an unlikely source

AICN has a tidbit regarding the upcoming Clone Wars 3-D show from musician Eric Riegler:

The EmCee introduced Eric, and said Eric had just finished recording some music for the Star Wars TV Series. I followed up with Eric during the intermission, and he told me the following: Yes, he did in fact record music for the series. Each of the planets has its own theme, and the one he was brought in to develop music for was patterned after Bulgaria. So, his music was patterned after an instrument (I think he called it a gaeda (spelling?), a bagpipe-like instrument played there), although he performed his music on the Irish Pipes. He said it looked amazing, and Lucas had done an incredible job of the look/feel of at least what he saw.

He also said he was told the series/his episode would be airing Summer, 2008.

“Star Wars is not dead”

IESB catches up with George on the red carpet for a quick video interview. George puts a stake through the heart of the Indy IV Natalie Portman rumor and names the first brand-new character in the animated series. Boba Fett (“still a little kid”) is “possible.”

UPDATE: A TFN reader got to hear George speak at the Directors Guild of America. He talked about the 3D series (“smart ass comedy with contemporary humor,”) revealed a live-action tidbit, and said he wouldn’t be able to make Celebration.