Donald Glover is everywhere, debuts new music in first turn on SNL

Donald Glover hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time last night and appeared in nearly every sketch. His monologue revolved around his pre-fame auditions for the show. The Star Wars highlight was his turn in ‘Lando’s Summit’, which points out how few black people there are in the franchise (and, by extension, on Saturday Night Live itself).

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Solo’s Alden Ehrenreich signed for 3 films – but that doesn’t mean sequels

Lucasfilm has Solo star Alden Ehrenreich signed up for three films, he confirmed to Esquire.

We first heard this back in 2016 – and no one was particularly shocked by it then. Signing up your stars for multiple films is pretty standard when you’re dealing with big franchises like Star Wars, even in the (now rare) cases where sequels aren’t planned. I don’t think this means that Solo sequels are a given, but it does give Lucasfilm the option.

(And yes, I’d be shocked if Donald Glover doesn’t have the same stipulation in his contract – and Lando, I think, is a far more likely avenue for a Solo “sequel.”)

Meanwhile, here’s the full Ehrenreich profile from Esquire, where he addresses the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller situation – and says it’s not true that he approached higher-ups about them.

Mark Hamill is getting a Hollywood Star

Mark Hamill is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! The ceremony, on March 8, will be emceed by George Lucas (!), Harrison Ford (!!) and Leron Gubler, president and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

The list of stars who appear on the Walk of Fame is expansive, but it does include (at least) Ford, Billy Dee Williams, Laura Dern and Alec Guinness, as well as effects legend Dennis Muren, Solo director Ron Howard and Alan Ladd Jr., the studio executive who was instrumental in getting Star Wars off the ground.

Hamill had a street named after him in San Diego last year.