This Week in SW

The preview for Star Wars Insider #84 is up, and it’s all about the clones… And coming up in the issue after that (#85) will be a Vader short story from Karen Traviss. has an exclusive Christmas Vader action figure that’s… um.. festive. Because nothing says ‘Happy Holidays’ like a blood-colored figure of everyone’s favorite Sith Lord

And LFL is finally moving into the Presidio this week, so updates on will be slim.

The rapture will in fact occur next Thursday

With the JadeCon bearing down on us, blogging has been rather sparse. With my apologies, here’s a few things to check out:

The cast of the upcoming Star Wars Trilogy: Musical Edition (you may remember them from C3) will be performing at the opening of the Boston Museum of Science’s “Science of Star Wars” exhibit this fall. George Lucas himself will be there! We’ll going to start gathering nausea tips and soothing vapors for the cast at JadeCon.

Charles Ross, who performs the One-Man Star Wars Trilogy, has been getting quite a bit of press lately – mainly Reuters and The Associated Press which means he’ll no doubt be appearing in your local paper on the next slow news day.

Lucasfilm has hired Joshua Katz as a new head of marketing and is running Presidio with AMD Opteron processors.

Business cards for various Star Wars and Star Trek characters. (Via Boing Boing)

And finally, for Hyperspace members, CJer Charlene Newcomb’s story Turning Point is the latest story on

I believe that about rounds it up… For now.

My office should be so nice

Big thanks to Paul Ens for the lead on some articles covering the opening ceremonies of the new Letterman Digital Arts Center: future home of all things ILM, LucasArts and Lucas Licensing.

The AP has a nice description of the facilities.

And the SF Gate has some great photos.

While we’re sorry that this now adds a bit of a commute to some of our friends at Lucasfilm, having a cafeteria where you can get such great views has to help make up for it in a small way.

SW Sequel: Not so, they lie!

Disappear from the world for a few days and folks go springing rumors on you.

The word from a mole supposedly at ILM was that staff were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding sequels to the Star Wars movies. (Remember what sequels are? It seems so long since someone has continued a story, instead of going back.)

Lucasfilm says this is not so.

It’s probably just best to sit back and relax. Let’s see Episode 3, first!

LFL Expands

Lucasfilm opens an animation facility in Singapore:

“I’ve been a fan of Asian animation and illustration all my life,” George Lucas said. “Asian cinema has had a particularly big impact on a lot of my work. When we began thinking about developing new ways to explore the craft of animation, it seemed a natural step to combine the two. By having a base in Singapore, we can create a new style of animation that will blend East and West and offer something not seen before.”