Not so, I lie!

Two EU items on tonight – an interview with Sean Stewart about his Yoda novel, Dark Rendezvous, and the March comics preview.

Elsewhere on the site, Sue Rostoni gives us this preview of Zahn’s Outbound Flight novel:

The manuscript is in to Del Rey. Shelly is reading it now and will get it to me soon. So far we’re sticking with Star Wars: The Outbound Dark Flight. Or maybe just Dark Flight. Starring Darth Flight and her apprentice, Dark Fight. They try to convert the Jedi on the Outbound Dark Flight by ramming them with their ship, The Dark Fright, and throwing hoods over the Jedi. But just as Darth Flight begins to ram the Dark Flight, night falls (in dark space) and they miss. The Jedi escape under cover of darkness only to be met by Admiral Darkthrawn’a darknu. That’s when the story turns really dark. Stay tuned.

Yes, it’s a joke. Like the book’s gonna be anything less than 80 proof Thrawn.

…But still no name

Sue Rostoni has posted several items on the OS boards about the 9-book post NJO trilogy:

Expect to see — Star Wars. We very much want to go back to the pulp Space Opera feel of the original movies (as opposed to hard SciFi). The focus will be character-driven situations, set against a backdrop of perhaps not galactic proportions, but certainly providing opportunities for spectacular space battles and lots of lightsaber action. Expect to see the major characters (Skywalkers and Solos) and many of the minor characters (Jedi Knights), and some old favorites. And, hopefully, a lot of surprises.

And on Ben Skywalker:

He’ll be 13 when the series begins and one of the main characters.

Added bonus info – the name of Jim Luceno’s post-Episode 3 hardcover will be Star Wars: Dark Lord.

Dark Nest details

The official site has posted about Troy Denning’s post-NJO trilogy.

The disappearance of a small team of Jedi Knights — including Jaina and Jacen Solo — in the Unknown Regions has sparked controversy. The reclusive Chiss has lodged a formal complaint, angrily accusing the missing Jedi of meddling in a border dispute between the Chiss and an unidentified aggressor.

Jedi Master Luke Skywalker ventures into the Unknown Regions to contain the damage, while Han and Leia follow, concerned for their children. What they find is a colony of mysterious aliens edging towards Chiss space, led by a Force adept who is recruiting old and powerful friends to his cause. He is compelling them to join the colony and meld their Force-abilities with his, even if it leads to all-out war.

Not quite the ‘Back to Naboo!’ we were expecting… Honestly? I’m a little relieved. But I’m strange.

The New Tales

It is as I have forseen… The official site has posted a preview of one the stories in Tales #21. Now, I’ve been very fatalistic about this issue, because I dearly love teh funneh of the old Tales and ‘continuity’ is a word that has long since come to mean ‘fanboy stuff not worth the headache’ for me, and really, this isn’t helping.

Although I did gain some amusement from the fact that the main character in the preview is channeling Black!Leather!Gambit.

Books and Magazines

Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s news. It was a wacky weekend.

There is much to please the Star Wars fan, this week:

MedStar 2: Jedi Healer – by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry – Not only is this book named after one of our CJ members (at least we like to think so), but we’re finally going to find out the answers to all those dangling mysteries left us after the end of MedStar 1.

Jedi Quest #10: The Final Showdown – by Jude Watson – Has Obi-Wan finally managed to catch up with his arch nemesis? Will Obi-Wan finally manage to have an emotionally fulfilling conversation with his padawan Anakin? You’ll have to read it to find out.

I continue to ascert that the UK has the best film magazines. A couple more finally hit the newsstands.

DreamWatch -October, 2004, #121 – This has a great interview with Carrie Fisher and Irvin Kershner. There’s also the usual coverage of all things sci-fi and fantasy.

Empire Magazine – October, 2004 – It’s a Classic Star Wars spectacular! It comes nice and sealed up with a special magazine insert celebrating all things Star Wars.

I see by your implant…

Fan audio isn’t my thing, so many thanks to Jade Crusades for pointing out an episode of Requiem of the Outcast that features an interview with Timothy Zahn and Aaron Allston at StellerCon 2004. The interview starts at 15:20 and just might bring back your post-con depression. They talk about other authors writing their characters, fan reaction, Piggy, killing characters, writing in the original Wookiee, websites as self promotion, hints about Zahn’s Outbound Flight novel and even filking. (!)