Out this week: Marvel Star Wars ends, Force Collector

We have one novel, one comic and two trade reprints out this week. There’s also one book that actually came out last week that I had misdated – The Secrets of the Jedi by Marc Sumerak. On Tuesday, November 19 we have Kevin Shinick’s Force Collector, a YA novel set around the time of The Force Awakens.

On Wednesday, November 19, Marvel’s Star Wars #75, the last issue until the followup (next month) and the title’s ESB rebirth in January. On the trade front, there’s Age of Resistance: Villains and Star Wars Volume 12.

Review: Resistance Reborn will make you want more, and isn’t that the point?

There’s a lot to like in Rebecca Roanhorse’s Resistance Reborn, and I suspect that the other reviews will be quite effusive. If I can’t manage that, well, I can say that if you’re at all interested in how the Resistance begins to rebuild after The Last Jedi – or if you’re a longtime reader of the new canon fiction, this is a must-read.

Keeping things mostly spoiler-free under the cut.

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Doctor Aphra comic relaunches in the spring

Doctor Aphra‘s ongoing is ending this year as Marvel reboots their Star Wars line, but just like the flagship title, she’s getting a new start in the new year. A new Doctor Aphra #1 is due out in April, Marvel announced in London this week. It will be written by Alyssa Wong, with interior art by Marika Cresta, and covers from Valentina Remenar. Is this Marvel’s first all-woman creative team for Star Wars? Seems likely!

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