The Clone Wars review: ‘Weapons Factory’

Barriss and Ahsoka, BFFs

So we’re sticking around Geonosis for a while, huh?  I suppose it makes sense.  Season 1 included a little virus-fueled trip to Naboo, and now that we’re in Season 2, it’s time to mine those Attack of the Clones locales.  At this rate, the Ewoks will show up in Season 6, in what will be billed as their triumphant return to animation.  Yub nub, Cartoon Network.  Yub nub. Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Weapons Factory’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘Senate Spy’

Senate Spy

As a wise man once said: and now for something completely different.  Just two weeks after I complained that the show had gotten repetitive, I hungrily eat my words.  As the Senate Spy Episode Guide proudly proclaims, “Not a single blaster is fired in this episode, nor is a lightsaber ignited, nor does anything explode.”  Star Wars without ‘spolsions?  Isn’t that like Christmas without eggnog?  Or, um, Hannukah without fried potato skins? Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Senate Spy’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘Holocron Heist’ & ‘Cargo of Doom’

Hey kids! It's CAD BANE!

Welcome back to another exciting season of The Cad Bane Show!  The self-appointed breakout character is the clear focus of the Season 2 opener, and if Cartoon Network’s promos are any indication, we haven’t seen the last of him.  So I hope you like the blue dude with the rude ‘tude, since it looks like he’s the main attraction for the next year or so. Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Holocron Heist’ & ‘Cargo of Doom’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘Liberty on Ryloth’

Non-Hayden Shattered Glass

Mace Windu is like the Christian Bale of Star Wars… he can do anything in the world except smile. Don’t get me wrong, it works for him. While Obi-Wan and Anakin seem to get their jollies by slicing and dicing through droid armies, Mace knows that just because you’re good at creating carnage doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it. So it’s appropriate that his big spotlight turns out to be the most solemn episode yet. Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Liberty on Ryloth’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘Storm Over Ryloth’

Splosions! width=

The inherent problem with The Clone Wars is that the main characters are never in any real danger. We’ve all seen the movies, and we know Anakin’s not going to die. We know Obi-Wan’s not going to die. We know Padme’s not going to die (I mean, we know she is going to die, but not until her iddle-widdle heart gets broken and she loses the will to live). Thankfully, the Clone Wars writers also know this, so they load the cast with vulnerable secondary characters… most notably Little Miss Spunkadelic, Ahsoka Tano. Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘Storm Over Ryloth’”

The Clone Wars review: ‘The Hidden Enemy’

Editor’s Note: We’re trying a little something new! Please welcome our first guest poster, The Stooge, with a review of Friday’s episode!

Hidden Enemy

Well, finally. After two weeks of stories about innocent bystanders versus sneering baddies, The Clone Wars delivers the goods. From the start, ‘The Hidden Enemy’ is a definite change of pace, as the newsreel informs us that it takes place on the planet Christophsis, which was last seen in the theatrical Clone Wars movie. And for a second, I worried that they were just broadcasting the movie instead of showing a new episode. But then it became clear that this installment was a prequel to the animated movie! Yes, a prequel to the pilot set between the prequels, airing sixteen episodes after the pilot’s theatrical run. Hooray for confusing continuity! Continue readingThe Clone Wars review: ‘The Hidden Enemy’”