Filk Friday

Tomorrow is Carrie Fisher’s birthday! Let’s celebrate by making this week’s featured filk my favorite Leia filk from the archive! Yes, this one is the best, my absolute fav, a classic of our times, one which… :::clickclickclick::: yes, it’s here somewhere, I’m sure, this great homage, this wonderful…::click:: ::click:: ::clickclickclickclick!!!::

Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me we don’t have a single by or about Leia in the entire Club Jade Filk Archive??? No so much as an “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Brassy Gold Slave Girl Bikini” or a “Princess of Power”? How can this be?

Clearly this is an oversight that must be rectified immediately. Thus, I inaugurate the first ever Filk Friday Challenge: Princess Leia!

Write and post your best Leia-based filk in the comments here. It can be sung by or about her, but she must be central figure of the filk. Include your screenname, filk, and the song your filk is based on. All submissions are due by 11:59pm (PST) on Nov. 2, and will be added to the Archive (under the new category Readers, for non-CJers). The winner will receive my undying appreciation for filling this glaring whole in our collection as well as the honor of being the Featured Filk in two weeks (Nov 3). Readers are welcome to post comments and/or lobby for their favorites, but in the end, my opinion will be the sole judge of victory.

Bring forth the challengers!

Filk Friday

This week, we hop in the WayBack Machine ™ to a time when you could count the various SW Expanded Universe authors on two hands (and and probably divide them evenly between a “good” hand and a “bad” hand). Club Jader JeffP takes a look at the bad hand and asks Del Rey to deliver us from their evils in his Beatles parody “Imagine” (remember when Del Rey was the “new” Star Wars publisher?).

Filk Friday

This week’s featured filk takes us back to the excitement leading up to the release of Episode I. Jeff Suess’ Bare Naked Ladies parody takes us One Week before the release of the movie, and the hype and celebration lives on. You can find more of Jeff’s work here.

And continuing with news on Weird Al’s recently released album, the quick favorite outside of the first single “White and Nerdy” is apparently his Green Day parody called “Canadian Idiot.” Fans have already started on the homemade videos, like this remix of the Robot Chicken Voltron dance off.

Filk Friday

Wednesday was Denis Lawson‘s birthday (yay, Wedge!), so to honor everyone’s favorite GFFA supporting character, this week’s featured filk is an excerpt from the stage extravaganza Star Wars: Musical Edition. Set just after the Rebel briefing in Return of the Jedi, Wedge’s Lament is a heartfelt tribute to the friends Wedge has seen come and go as the only non-main character to survive all three movies, and a hope that he will lose no more friends by helping to end the war.

In other filk news, “Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album released on Tuesday. The video for his new tune “Weasel Stomping Day” was produced by Seth Green and his cohorts over at Robot Chicken and aired on this week’s episode.

Filk Friday

Monday, September 25 will be Mark Hamill‘s birthday, so in honor of everyone’s favorite farmboy turned jedi, this week’s featured filk is written as sung by Luke on the Bespin gantry. Father of Mine is one of my favorite Luke filks and introduced me to one of my now-favorite bands, Everclear. Find more filks from authors Yav and Trace in the Filk Archive.

And don’t forget, Weird Al‘s new album comes out next Tuesday and catch his new video White and Nerdy!

Filk Friday

This week’s featured filk takes a prime song for Amidala filking and turns it into a rockin’ tribute to Padme’s addition to the Star Wars pantheon of strong female characters. Set to the ever popular ABBA tune, Naboo Queen is one of a trilogy of ABBA filks by HollywdLiz, joined by “Kenobi” and my personal favorite, “On Naboo”.

You can find these filks and more from HollywdLiz here.

Filk Friday

This week’s featured filk is a classic from one of Club Jade’s earliest and most prolific filkers, Echo. Inspired by the events in Tim Zahn’s “The Last Command”, I Wanna Clone Your Hand is sung to Luke by the crazy clone Jedi Master C’Baoth.

Read more from Echo’s body of work in the archive here.

Filk Friday bonus

In earlier Weird Al news, there was some confusion regarding permission from the artist regarding on of the songs now cut from his upcoming album.

In accordance with the label’s request that the single not be on his new album, it is instead available for free download.

Filk Friday

This week’s featured filk is a Club Jade classic, one of our earliest and most memorable filks, leaving CJers singing it to themselves for months after DC Con in 1998. The video for Madonna’s 1984 hit “Material Girl” was itself a tribute/satire, so it’s only fitting that it be filked in turn, and that Imperial Girl, written by Jennifer Quail (aka TIE Pilot), be sung from the point of view of the most materialistic members of the Star Wars galaxy.

In other novelty music news, “Weird” Al Yankovic‘s new album Straight Outta Lynwood is only a month away, due for release on September 26. Never one to miss out a comic opportunity, he’s made his first single “Don’t Download This Song” available for, well, download here.