Joss Whedon Was My Crocheter Once

Back in December, Joss Whedon was interviewed by Kim Werker of Crochet Me.  They discussed his thoughts on what he describes as the ‘desperate rivalry between knitters and crocheters’, why crafters should watch Firefly, his secret past as a crocheter and knitter, and of course the ever popular Jayne Hat.

How did Kim score the interview?  By getting the entire geekcraft community to shout for his attention, of course.

BSG countdown: Ready for S4?

It’s Christmas Eve for all us good little BSG fans, and there are lots of goodies to keep us busy surfing today while we wait.

Reviews from the NYTimes, Chicago Tribune , EW,

NYMag tells us how to convince your girlfriend that BSG is not Star Trek, in case that’s a problem in your life. Me, I’d just advise dumping the girlfriend. Of more practical interest is their interview with Michael Hogan. And if you wax philosophical or political, they’ve also got a sidebar on the political overtones in the series.

If you love Tigh, the Toronto Star also interviewed Hogan.

MSN has an article on why women love BSG. Sorry, but the writer isn’t up to our standards. She starts off by telling us that she’s never played D&D and doesn’t collect Star Wars dolls, unlike the boys who insist on calling them action figures. And while she tells us she’s a fan, she thinks Helo’s married to Boomer.

If you can’t wait (and have an understanding boss), will be webcasting the season 4 premiere at noon EDT. That of course means that fandom will start chattering this afternoon, so watch out for lurking spoilers.

Kenner + Hasbro = Art?

Photographers Andrea Robbins and Max Becher have a gallery show at the University of Maryland Baltimore County of photographs including their “Figures” series, which pairs a Kenner SW figure with a corresponding Hasbro figure. A Washington Post reviewer thinks that “recent figures boast six-packs, bulging biceps and narrower waists. Both their femininity and masculinity have ballooned.” I’m not sure that we can blame the 90’s for this; after all, the 70’s brought us the Brothers Hildebrandt.

So are action figures modern art? Decide for yourself at the artists’ site ; scroll down to the Figures link on the left.

Next for Jude Watson

After Jedi Apprentice came Jedi Quest. But what’s next for Jude Watson?

Scholastic announced a new kids’ series today. The 39 Clues is a series that will mix books, collectible cards, and online gaming. It’s all supposed to fit together like a giant puzzle.

The New York Times says this is Scholastic’s bid to follow up on their success as the U.S. publishers of Harry Potter. The books will be written by different authors (sound familiar, EU fans?) and Jude Watson is signed to write the fourth book, due out in July 2009.

Sending Our Best

We’ve got a long list of Terry Pratchett fans here at CJ, with Good Omens a perennial entry in our must read lists and several Discworld fans. So today’s news that Mr. Pratchett has been diagnosed with an early onset form of Alzheimer’s disease makes us very sad indeed.

Those of us who have lived with this disease in our own families know that life continues and that love survives. He and his family are in our thoughts.

I’m dead now

Survivor Hoth continues, but I just got booted. My team (go Dead Tauntons!) didn’t win the relay race, even though I just gave myself a carpet burn crawling down the Hyatt hallway ala Yoda.

But Dunc did the race dressed as a Gungan, and that’s worse. Even if she *is* still in the hunt.

Turn to the Yarn Side

More with the yarn! If you like crochet, patterns for afghan squares, including the Alliance logo, an X-wing, A-wing, TIE, and AT-ST. These are graphed out, so they could also be used for anything else worked from “square” graphs.

Scroll *aaaaallllll* the way down the very long page to get to the pattern links.

Fall to the Craft Side

Club Jade is fully stocked with crafty types, but we’re so not alone. I promised Dunc a year ago that I’d post some about craft sources/ideas/what have you. Even on my schedule it’s time to get started!

Over at LiveJournal, onelittlestar has posted graphed Leia. Scroll down, because she’s in the comments to the original post. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the individual squares are actually squashy little rectangles. That means that this chart is designed for knitting rather than cross-stitch or needlepoint.

Sarah Bradberry at has a page of Star Wars knitting charts that I really like. Hers are designed to be knit using fair isle technique. I’ve used some of these for socks, with great results.