Star Wars TV show gossip!

USA Today gossip columnist Will Keck claims to have talked to George Lucas at the Oscars, and picked up this:

West Hollywood, Calif.: Any news on the hot Hayden Christensen and his lightsaber?

Will Keck: How funny this question should come from WeHo. Well, I’ll be professional and say the new ‘SW’ trailer will be out this month — attached to the new FOX animated movie ‘Robots.’ Sam Jackson tells me the trailer shows who fights who — and may give a glimpse as to which character takes Mace Windu down. George Lucas also told me at the Oscars that he’s developing a ‘Star Wars’ TV show that would take place between the events of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ and ‘A New Hope.’

Doesn’t really explain the other rumors about Hamill being involved… unless they’re looking into doing Star Wars: The Wonder Years. Or animation.

Of course, a gossip columnist is far from the best source for this kind of thing, and we don’t have a direct quote, so take it as you will.