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Yes.  Things are getting a bit hyped for Stargate Universe, but those of you who dismiss Stargate as a franchise might want to try this one out.  It’s getting some good reviews by non-Stargate fans:

Just a few of the many positive reviews out there.  And, quite honestly, I’m not seeing much in the way of negative reviews.  So folks might want to give it a shot.

Plus, John Scalzi is a creative consultant.  Can this be a bad thing?

In the news: Yoda hates the A’s, Hollywood and the 12-year-olds, movie music, Ming-Na, and George

I guess that explains the billboard. The Dodgers having a Star Wars night on October 3rd, while they play the Rockies. Doesn’t the Bay Area have a baseball team? Security better keep a close eye on Yoda that night, is all I’m saying.

…And the smell. Hollywood is courting 12-year old boys. Uhh, they stopped?

Fanboys turn the tide yet again. Star Wars has the best movie music, internet poll says. Well, I’m shocked. Are you shocked?

I should leave this for Paula, but… Stargate Universe’s Ming-Na “wanted to be Luke Skywalker.”

Obligatory George item. He could buy Guyana. Information you can use. Thanks, Forbes!