Young Indy Volume 2 tour: Red Baron and Reds.. has put up two more articles in their tour of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Two: The War Years, coming to DVD on December 18.

  • Disc Five: Attack of the Hawkmen sees Indy getting a closer look at aerial combat when he is assigned to be a photographer for the Lafayette Escadrille, and promptly gets shot down by the Red Baron. After beating the odds and surviving a two week stint with the air unit of Americans fighting for the French, he gets a new assignment behind enemy lines – trying to convince aeronautic engineer Anthony Fokker to possibly change his loyalties for the right price. Unfortunately, the Red Baron is still gunning for him – on land! Historical documentaries cover the aerial warfare of WWI, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, Anthony Fokker, and the Lafayette Escadrille.
  • Disc Six: Adventures in the Secret Service. Indy’s intelligence role puts him into diplomacy as he escorts two princes to their empress-sister in Austria in an attempt to get Austria to surrender – and an escape into a sewer leads to “What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered!” After this mission, Indy is then sent to Petrograd as Russia is falling apart to revolution, and Indy befriends some Bolsheviks, and meets up with Lenin. Historical documentaries cover Karl, the last Habsburg emperor, the Russian revolution, and Vladimir Lenin.

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