Young Indy DVD set, Vol 1 – disc breakdown

The official press release about Volume One of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones has a breakdown of the 12 disc set – it covers 7 episodes and 38 companion documentaries, with interviews with all sorts of people providing insight into the historical context of the show.

“They include interviews with Gen. Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, Gloria Steinem, Martin Scorsese, Barbara Boxer, James Earl Jones, Hal David and Deepak Chopra, along with some of the nation

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  1. I gotta give it to him, George (and, naturally, his staff) have done a lot of work on this set. Look at all those documentaries!

    Makes me only slightly less bitter about the price.

  2. Wait, what? TWELVE discs for SEVEN episodes??? Did they just dump all the raw footage on the dvds and call it “behind the scenes?” I’m sorry, there’s such a think as too many special features, and when the number of discs almost doubles the number of episodes, the line has been crossed. :P

  3. in reply to Rogue – the Seven episodes are each a combination of two episodes of the original TV show. when they first put the show onto VHS, they cut together two episodes that were either thematically similar or happen near chronologically. i don’t know if there was any material that was cut from the episodes (like the bookend info with George Hall as Old Indy) to paste the episodes into their video release format.
    so, in fact you’re getting 14 episodes of the TV show – just not in airing order, necessarily, but in chronological order.

    looking at the way the episodes are stitched together, it seems impossible to watch the original show’s first episode (which was 2-hour) as the part of it with 8-year old indy in egypt is part of the DVD set’s first disc, and the second half (with 16 year old spring break indy in mexico) is several discs down the line. unfortunately, there was a storyline connecting the two halves of that first episode.

    LFL has a history of pasting episodes together for sale – the Droids and Ewoks cartoon DVDs are simply pasted together episodes to make 90 minute DVDs. which means you’re not getting the full season of the cartoon, but just a few selected episodes.

    but there are a ton of special features, which doesn’t seem to be much raw footage – mostly historical documentaries about the subjects of each episode (think having the show + two or three History channel tie-in documentaries per episode). a bit much, perhaps.

    “Who’s gonna watch it, kid? You?” – Han Solo, on DVD special features.

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