You know we’re hard up for live action news when..

There’s a door marked ‘LucasFilm Television’ at Skywalker Ranch, TV Squad claims. Offices! For the planning and billing and other exciting office-based television things! (Which could, maybe, date all the way back to The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles?)

Yes George, we are pathetic. (Announce something, please?)

5 Replies to “You know we’re hard up for live action news when..”

  1. it’s a bluff, there’s probably just an old cathode ray tube, 1940’s valve television sitting in a acbinet the size of Georgia in the room who’s only moment of fame was being used in the trailer for The Special Edition 12 years ago that endlessly shows repeat pristine print viewings of The Holiday Special, Ewoks and Droids and, as such, is Lucasfilms Television…

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