You can download Angry Birds Star Wars now

Remember when we thought this was going to be the big news for the rest of the year? We were so innocent then.

Angry Birds Star Wars is free (with ads) for Android phones, $0.99 for i0S devices, $2.99 for the iPad and Android tablets, and $4.99 for the Mac. (Another device? Try this.)

If you can’t spare a moment now, go check out what the game’s art director, Toni Kysenius, had to say about the game’s design on the official blog. There’s more art – both pro and fan – at their Tumblr.

UPDATE: And here’s one of the first reviews of that game that I’ve seen, from Kotaku’s Mike Fahey. Spoiler: He likes it.

Played it? Let us know what you think!

4 Replies to “You can download Angry Birds Star Wars now”

  1. I agree: They did a great job of bringing Angry Birds and Star Wars together. Initially I had some concerns, but so far it’s and awful lot of fun!

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