Yet more on the HP Lexicon

There’s a post from Steve Vander Ark over on the Lexicon blog, an email from the past where he discourages other fans from publishing an encyclopedia and acknowledges it as illegal (but he planned to “plan to petition Jo to allow the Lexicon to work with her to create the ultimate Harry Potter encyclopedia.”) Again: Classy.

The piece de resistance is perhaps a video of Vander Ark at the Prophecy 2007 conference. (“Jo has quit; she’s done… we’re taking over now!” and “Jo has every right to write her seventh book… but I have a real problem with her claiming from now until 2017.”) The sentiment is something we’re familiar with here in Star Wars fandom, but when one is planning to take your fandom project and sell it without permission for $25 a pop, it sounds a lot more sinister. The 501st you’re not, bud.

See it all over at Fandom Wank, since that’s where I’m stealing links from anyway.

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