Yes Virginia, Millennium Falcon is post-LOTF

I almost spoiled myself over at io9 today, (Spoilers for EVERYTHING at that link) but since even they’re reporting about Invincible I’m just going to cave and report that the people who got the book early are saying that Luceno’s Millennium Falcon is a post-LOTF novel. It gets teased in the back of Invincible, complete with a ‘to be continued…’ (or other words to that effect.) And while there’s more, it’s spoileriffic and thus I don’t know.

I first read this on the TFN boards and may have caught a teensy bit of spoiler in the process, but both EUC and TFN have posted the news since then, so what the hell. It’s tough out here when you’re trying to get the spoilers off limits… At least with friends like these.

One Reply to “Yes Virginia, Millennium Falcon is post-LOTF”

  1. OK, I ended up looking at the spoilers. Summary: ROCKS FALL, EVERYONE DIES!

    But doesn’t that sum up pretty much every post-Bantam book at this point?

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