Yawn: Yet another Star Wars video game is coming

Spike and Lucasfilm will be announcing “the next big ‘Star Wars’ game” during the show GTTV on May 31st, just ahead of 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo. And it’ll be a ‘franchise,’ (ala The Old Republic?) so there may be some repercussions for us non-gamers. (More generic musclebound dudes headlining novels?)

Burning questions: How bad will the game (inevitably) be? Does it have to do with the 1313 mystery? And will it have a dance level? Personally, I’m hoping for dancing, because hilarity. Seriously: Dancing. It’s the only thing LucasArts has done that kind of makes me wish I had a gaming system.

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  1. i believe so as well. but would like another force unleashed or the old republic for the Wii.

  2. Every time they announce something like this, I hope for a game based in the post-ROTJ era (even a New Jedi Order game would be cool). Of course, I am disappointed every time.

  3. I always kind of wanted a Jedi Knight game set during the NJO, but with the way they’re fussing about this being a new franchise we can scratch that. This’ll probably be the shooter that LucasArts was hiring for last year, but I guess it could be the open-world RPG. I’m not sure how you would do one of the later in Star Wars…unless it’s a free-form space trader kind of thing, like Privateer or the X series. That could be pretty great, though unlikely as all get out.

  4. With the new X-Wing novel coming up, and the possibility of sequels, this would be an ideal time for a new flight sim.

    Generally LucasBooks plays catchup with LucasArts, though, not the other way around. Although an X-Wing game could have been in planning for years, for all we know. It’s not like there’s not demand for it – and if I know that, LucasArts certainly does.

    On the other hand, it’s probably the only new game LucasArts could come up with that I wouldn’t over-snark.

  5. I wouldn’t mind a new space sim out of them, especially if it’s in the vein of the old X-Wing/TIE Fighter series. The Rogue Squadron games were always much prettier, but they were so simple and personality free…

  6. I’d like a sim game for sure, or anything outside of the movie era. Though thats clearly not going to happen. Fighting the Yuzhaan Vong anyone? Yes please!

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