8 Replies to “Yahoo’s Star Wars site to fade out soon”

  1. I actually signed up over there when it first launched. It was cool… for about 3 minutes.

    Yahoo didn’t really seem to care about it at all… as you can see, the main article on the homepage – that’s been there since 2008 – is about seeing the “new” CW trailer… for the movie… from TWO summers ago. LOL! I mean, really… pretty pathetic.

  2. Even the StarWars.com box – which you’d think would be automated – is linking to stuff from 2008. Very odd.

    It took me like a dozen tries to get my profile stuff up, and by the time it worked I had stopped caring. Ahh well.

  3. yeah, that was a case of too much stuff at once. TCW had launched and then this – kind of overkill. Never underrstaood why LFL allowed another site to draw folks away from the official site/blog/blogs.
    Ahhh well, another ideas bites the dust. Anyone remember Homestead..?

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