X-Files 2 has a title, and you’ve seen it before

IMAGE: David Duchovny is looking roughSo, the X-Files movie got itself an actual title. Can you believe they were fighting over the unbelievably generic X-Files: I Want to Believe? I actually had to double-check to make sure that wasn’t the title of the first film! (Hey… it’s been 10 years, okay?) Not that it’s a bad title, just… How isn’t it marketable? They ought to be slapping up the original ‘I want to believe’ poster at every megaplex in the nation, yesterday. (It would be an improvement.)

In addition to the photo above, there are also some other newish shots over at Coming Soon. (One may reveal a spoiler!)

Speaking of spoilers, Sci Fi Wire spills on their set visit.

2 Replies to “X-Files 2 has a title, and you’ve seen it before”

  1. The title strikes me as odd — I can see why they went with it (because of the poster, of which I, uh, still have a copy somewhere), but the “I” part seems … weird. But it’ll probably grow on me. Already I am distracted by the hotness of Mulder.

  2. I keep hearing the title and it keeps bouncing in my head as “I WANT TO BELIEVE CARTER CAN DO THIS AND NOT SCREW IT UP MORE THAN HE DID THE SHOW”.

    Because as bad as that burned, I oh so do want to believe again.

    (Dagget was alright, but it was not the same show as before. I loved my Moose and Squirrel!)

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