Who needs the Hyatt?

Seems LOTR director Peter Jackson has the best guest house in the world! And Sir Ian McKellen will be staying there while in Wellington to perform in King Lear with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

“He kept the set of Bag End, which was Frodo’s house, and set it up for guests with running water, so I’m going to spend the night there,” Sir Ian said yesterday.

“It’ll be the one the hobbits were in which made them look small, so it’ll be big enough for humans.”

I wonder if Sir Ian would put in a good word for us. Can you imagine what a fantastic con suite it would make? I wonder if Frodo would bring us fresh towels?

One Reply to “Who needs the Hyatt?”

  1. I would totally stay in that house! (Well, the one designed to fit regular humans, that is.)

    JadeCon New Zealand, here we come!

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