Wantons, clear your shelves…

April brings a lot of Star War novels – now you can update your list with one more. The Desperate Mission, first book of The Last of the Jedi series by Jude Watson, will be released April 2nd:

Obi-Wan Kenobi is in hiding, mourning the loss of his fellow Jedi, and devastated by the betrayal of his former Padawan. He has been tasked to watch over and protect a young child who may hold the key to the galaxy’s salvation.

But when Obi-Wan finds out that a former Jedi apprentice has survived, he must make a painful decision: whether to stay on Tatooine to preserve the future of the Jedi, or voyage into the heart of the Empire on one last desperate mission.

Also on the official site: An interview with James Luceno on Labyrinth of Evil.

One Reply to “Wantons, clear your shelves…”

  1. Oh, Jude Watson does good angst. I’m quite intrigued by this one.

    But, frankly, I’m surprised they gave this story to her and didn’t make it part of the adult line of books.

    (Of course, most of the books in the Scholastic series are sold to adults….)

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