Wacky merchandise du jour: Star Wars Choppers

Of course Lucas Licensing would approve something as ridiculous as the Star Wars Choppers line. I won’t even bother to justify this, but props to Hell for Leather’s Wes Siler for trying:

Out on his bike, no one has to know he’s just a lackey for the Emperor, he’s free to be the large and in charge man he was born to be.

Oh, Hasbro. Don’t worry, I’m sure The Clone Wars will dream up something better for you and the target demographic soon. Meanwhile, it’s probably best to keep the hallucinogens away from the design team.

One Reply to “Wacky merchandise du jour: Star Wars Choppers”

  1. My son actually ended up with a Luke version a couple of years ago (his aunt, who doesn’t have kids, bought it for him). I rolled my eyes and groaned upon seeing this brought into our home, but he actually liked it and played with it often.

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