5 Replies to “Video: Vintage Harrison Ford interview”

  1. That was fascinating, especially like the fact that you have the pre-interview and post interview bits, very real and natural. Also cool to see Peaches back when he was still new to it all, and so obviously unaware of the craziness and career to follow.

  2. What’s been up with all of these vintage pieces coming out, lately.

    How innocent and clueless they all were about just how huge it was going to be for the next few decades of their lives…

  3. Neat interview. It’s always interesting to see the way that these guys talked about the tech Lucas was helping to develop without having any idea the way it would shape filmmaking forever after.

  4. He comes off as incredibly smooth here, too. I’ve gotten so used to “crotchety old man” Harrison Ford in interviews that it’s easy to forget that he was also a person when he was younger and not just a series of characters.

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