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  1. (read in monotone) oh wow. i’m so excited. its gonna be amazing.

    But seriously? How does this get called a game? It’s basically a series of slightly manipulable film clips. That’s modern gaming for you I guess.

  2. Sean: Hey, it worked wonders for ‘Heavy Rain’.

    That said, I’ll pass on 1313. Not because it’s “mature Star Wars” (I already played that, and I believe it’s called ‘Mass Effect’), but because _another_ Star Wars game where you’re forced to play as another generic White Human Male in a SW game? I know I kvetched about this before, but… what a waste. =/

  3. Well, they haven’t said you can’t customize your player character yet. Not sure if that’s standard with this type of game or not…

  4. Most single player portions of third-person shooters don’t allow for customization. GTTV (the ones who bring you the clip above) visited Lucasarts and they showed performance capture of the “generic white male,” which means he will be who you will be playing and that there will be no customization.
    It might be easy to think this is “a series of slightly manipulable film clips” as the graphics are at the top of spectrum for modern gaming. In fact, from the pure amount of gaming I’ve done for my 22-year old life (and the gaming conference I went to and covered for a gaming website), modern gaming is most definitely not a a bunch of film clips. It’s not hard to think that, if one does not game a whole lot, so I understand your opinion.

  5. It looks rather generic to me but could be good, Lucas Arts are hardly innovators though so I wouldn’t expect too much beyond finding better weapons. They might surprise me, but I doubt it.

  6. It’s also been revealed that the generic white male is generic on purpose. He’s only a placeholder and will not be what your character will end up looking like. I’m also a huge Uncharted fan is this right up that alley

  7. Has it really been confirmed that the PC was a placeholder ? Because honestly it was really freaking embarrassing that the first demo footage of the game–set on Coruscant–featured two white dues.

    1. I have no idea, but I haven’t exactly been pouring over every bit of news about this thing – particularly since most of it seems to be in video form.

      I will say that it would be pretty silly of them NOT to let you customize your player character, unless you’re supposed to be playing something specific. (And didn’t the KOTOR games let you pick race/gender of the main characters anyway? And whatever game the dude from Crosscurrent was from as well? If the older games did it…)

  8. From The Verge preview:

    “Beyond those details, LucasArts was not ready to comment on the game’s story or characters. In fact, the demo I saw featured “test characters” that apparently will not be the final stars of the game. This strange switch-up makes me wonder if LucasArts is making for a big reveal of a character Star Wars fans would recognize in the lead — perhaps Han Solo or Boba Fett? We won’t know for sure for a while yet.”


    So it seems like, yes, you’ll be playing something specific… but not the specific character that we’ve seen.

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