Video: Phantom Menace reviewer takes on Clones

The RedLetterMedia folks return with another multi-part takedown. And just to make things clear, in their own words this is: “Part review satire, part parody, part commentary, all prequel hating vitriolic comedy.” (I guess my percentages were off last time.) You’ve been warned.

I’m only embedding part 1, but here are the links to the rest: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

(There’s also a two-part Avatar review.)

5 Replies to “Video: Phantom Menace reviewer takes on Clones

  1. You know, I watched the TPM review this guy did, and while there was some very valid criticisms made, I found it overly long, had very bad attempts at humour, some flaws in logic, and a very monotonous narrator.

    Then I thought, wait a minute: good ideas marred by being overly long, having bad jokes, logical holes and a wooden performance? This whole review is the The Phantom Menace!

    Now that’s either genius (if deliberate) or hilariously ironic (if it wasn’t).

  2. As boring of a voice he has and as bad of humor there is, he brought up a few good points in the TMP review. Time to get comfy for the next hour and 1/2.

  3. If you ask me, this thing is DUMB. When the guy’s not making lame, painfully obvious jokes in that irritating voice of his, he dwells on trivial matters that are easily explained away, while acting as if he’s uncovering a Grand Sinister Conspiracy on the part of Lucas & Co. And most of the points he does make can be easily answered with a “So What”? For instance, the guy seems UPSET that all the Jedi of all the races use similar lightsabers…so what? Yes, the film borrows visually from “Gladiator” and “Blade Runner”…again, So What? Yes, Jango Fett hired another bounty hunter to help him…SO FRIGGIN’ WHAT?! And so on and on…for 90 friggin’ minutes.

    This isn’t so much a “takedown” as a lame attempt at satire for obsessive-compulsive nerds. I don’t see it changing anyone’s mind, in the long run.

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