Video Monday

America got that awful Coldplay vid when all six movies came on TV for the first time. What did the Brits get? Two awesome in-universe promos for weather and travel and two almost songvid type things spotlighting heros and villians that completely fail at making me feel embarrassed to be a fan. Spike TV, take notes: Our national pride is at stake. Don’t suck!

Vader Dad. Public service announcements for the win!

Snape is too sexy. This is pretty old (I know you’ve seen the icons) but I’ve never blogged it and I don’t think it ever stops being funny. Note: This is the kind of Flash that will give epileptics fits.

More, more more!

One Reply to “Video Monday”

  1. Gotta say that I prefer the Coldplay promo more. It captures more of the emotion for me. Still nice vids, though.

    And that Vader Dad PSA? Hilarious!

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