4 Replies to “Video: Ewan McGregor on Kimmel”

  1. They only announced the stand-alones, they didn’t say what they’re about, yet.

    I’d LOVE to have one of the stand-alones be Obi-Wan’s time in isolation on Tatooine!!

  2. “Obi-Wan” would be a cool film, but if they do a Han film, I sure as heck hope Obi-Wan isn’t in it. I guess I could see him in a Boba Fett film though, if Boba is hunting down Jedi. Has anyone considered that these films might be based on the live action TV show scripts?

  3. @Sean

    You know, I actually had that thought myself: unless I’m losing my mind, they all but said that the live action TV show was going to feature Boba Fett as a major character. (There was a promo image with Fett’s helmet, right?) So I had the same train of thought you did: maybe they’re going to take elements of the live action TV show scripts that were done and turn them into movies. I dunno though. Why would you want to hire crack writers like Kasdan and Kinberg then, and burden them with “old baggage.” I guess I’m more inclined not to believe it than I am to believe, but the thought definitely occurred to me.

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