5 Replies to “Video du jour: Patton Oswald’s Star Wars rant”

  1. Okay, that cracked me up. I may be one of those rare fans who actually love the prequels (minus AotC), but dude. Hilarious.

    Although I still want to know why people give a shit about Boba Fett. he doesn’t actually kill people in the OT. He just sort of stands around and occasionally flies a giant iron through space, and then he died. IT’S A MYSTERY.

  2. Boba Fett’s popularity completely mystifies me and always has. That said, I’m pretty much convinced that him being in the prequels is the biggest fanservice ever. I remember reading a quote from George about how if he’d known Fett would be so popular, he’d never have sent him down the Sarlacc. Not that that stopped anyone from resurrecting him, anyway.

    I think it’s a boy thing. I know he has his female fans too, but until a few years ago everyone I’d ever known to wax poetically about how he was the coolest thing ever was a dude. Hell, I have a high school friend who still goes by ‘Fett’ half the time.

  3. I thought Jango/Boba was rather fanservice-y, too. I wouldn’t complain, aside from there being no wee!Han or wee!Lando cameos in RotS to give me *my* fanservice. Life, so unfair.

    I remember one of my ex-boyfriends from the high school days. He had a giant Boba Fett tattoo on his shoulder, and would go on and on about how awesome he was, and yet could never tell me WHY. Perhaps there’s something about men in armor with rocket packs that get other boys going?

  4. And not only does Boba stand there, fly an iron, and not kill anyone, but in the Special Edition he follows Jabba around like a puppy.

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