Video: 30% more Millennium Falcon from Hasbro

The folks over at ExtremeTech’s Gearlog got a sneak peek at some upcoming Star Wars toys, including the new Millennium Falcon, which is 30% bigger than the old ones. (They were using the same mold for 30 years before it broke!) Head on over to the link to see another video of The Clone Wars line.

The new Falcon will be officially unveiled at San Diego Comic Con next month.

4 Replies to “Video: 30% more Millennium Falcon from Hasbro”

  1. I’m shocked they didn’t make a new one when they started coming out with those beefed-up figures in the 90’s…

  2. It all looks too little, too late. They should have done this more than 15 years ago instead of hawking what was a toy nearly two decades old. I was bought the Falcon in 1981 and I thought it was rubbish then as I do now. The new one looks good but the sound effects are a bit embarrassing.

    It feels exactly like the long decent we saw after Return of the Jedi when the toys reached something of a nadir with the B-wing and Imperial Shuttle – the prequel Star Wars fad never really took off (the toys on eBay are nearly worthless almost a decade on from The Phantom Menace) and this seems like it’s trying to recapture something from the past. I can’t see the kids of 2008 lining up to buy a toy from a 31 year old film. Given the rise in production costs and the cost of oil I’m anticipate it being quite expensive, too.

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