Update on Aaron Allston

As you have probably already heard, a good friend of Club Jade, Aaron Allston, recently underwent bypass surgery. He’s currently in intensive care, but stable.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

For those in the Dallas area, a blood donation sponsorship has been set up by his family.

UPDATE: There are several other donation centers in the Carter Blood Care system where you can donate blood.  They’ll give you a coupon that you can then mail to the DelRey address to go towards Aaron’s bill.

As you’re no doubt aware, expenses for this kind of event can get astronomical pretty quickly.  Please stay tuned as we work with Aaron’s family to see how else his fans can help.

8 Replies to “Update on Aaron Allston”

  1. Anyone know if there’s a way for people outside Texas to donate blood (or, I don’t know, severed zombie heads) toward his account?

    Thanks for keeping us all updated. I’m glad he’s surrounded by friends and family, and I hope he knows there are many more of us pulling for him from afar.

  2. Ah, man. That’s terrible. A fine writer and a wonderfully kind man… Hopefully he’s doing well in his recovery.

  3. Sad, sad news But I’m sure with everyone wishing him well and the best care, he’ll be back up and writing again in no time. All our prayers are with you, Aaron.

  4. Great guy, interviewed him twice for Lightsabre a few years apart and he couldn’t do enough to make it a great interview.
    All pulling for him over here in the UK.

  5. I just spoke to our mother and she did report that he is doing better (but there’s a long way up) and one of the major things they’re facing right now is what you might call an outpouring of love in excess of the ability to process it all.

  6. Holly > Most blood banks are connected in some form or another. Try contacting your local donation facility and ask if they’re affiliated with Carter Blood Care.

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