Twitter QOTD: The underrated Expanded Universe

Are you on Twitter yet? If not, you’re missing out on a hotbed of Star Wars discussion. Alas, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Luckily, there’s a new service out there that makes it easy to collect and curate tweets… And what better time to test it out than a lazy Thursday morning? Head below the cut to see the answers to today’s Twitter question.

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5 Replies to “Twitter QOTD: The underrated Expanded Universe”

  1. James: There wasn’t much discussion with this one, but it was only a test. But if I go back and do our smuggler novel thing… That was a discussion.

  2. The Cestus Deception wins my pick for underrated. I felt more for clone trooper Nate in those few pages than what I supposed to feel for similar characters spread across whole novels.

  3. To me the most underrated EU novel is Cloak of Deception. Sure, it got a good buzz upon its release, but since then it’s pretty much disappeared from the radar while second rate (imo!) Luceno novels like Labyrinth of Evil and Dark Lord are getting all the love.
    Personally I’ve rarely found a Star Wars novel that offered a more complex, entertaining, and compelling tale and, in my opinion, to this date no other novel has brought the tragedy of the old republic to life in a more dramatic way. When I first read Labyrinth of Evil I was hoping to find another COD. Unfortunately I didn’t.

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