TV Bits and Bobs

Get out the drool cups, gentlemen. Entertainment Weekly is showing off posters for The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Genre shows are getting some love from The Producer’s Guild of America.

But the Bionic Woman is not getting love from either the writers or the fans. While Battlestar Galactica, Reaper, Smallville and Supernatural are also shutting down thanks to the writer’s strike, they’re not in the same kind of trouble that Jamie Summers is in.

3 Replies to “TV Bits and Bobs”

  1. I gave Bionic Woman three chances. It wasn’t enough to make me keep watching, even with all the BSG references.

    Now “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”… I know hardly anything about The Terminator, still need to see those movies (at least the first one), but I’d watch that just for Summer Glau. She’s an amazing actress.

  2. Bionic Woman was highly touted? By whom? Highly promoted, maybe. But I’ve read nothing anywhere from anyone who actually likes it.

  3. The silver lining of this strike for me: Maybe people on LJ won’t talk as much about Supernatural if it’s off the air?

    I really do not see the appeal of that show at all, and I’m kind of sick of hearing about it.

    Of course, if HP has taught us anything…


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