Trek’s Orci talks reboots with

Bonnie talks to Star Trek co-screenwriter Roberto Orci about the movie, the influence of Star Wars, and Fringe. Here’s what he has to say about rebooting Star Wars

I’d love to go back to the time in between the movies A New Hope through Return of the Jedi, and see other planets and the people who live on them, and how they see the war like we’re following the war in Iraq. It would be interesting to see other people respond to finding out there’s a base on Bespin.

Ehh. Isn’t one (well, two) Clone Wars enough? Even if one does take the concept to the OT, it just sounds like filler to me.

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  1. I’m not sure the Clone Wars era is in any way inherently flawed. The Tartatovsky micro-series was certainly well-received, and many of TCW’s flaws just come from how it’s being targeted. (And it’s certainly been well-received by its target audience.) And the Traviss RC books are certainly well-received.

    So I think there’s plenty of potential to do something set in that era from a very different perspective. And it could be a very different sort of film.

    True, it wouldn’t be an epic conflict of good v. evil with galaxywide ramifications. But it doesn’t need to be, and it doesn’t need to try to be.

    But I don’t think you could call that a reboot.

  2. My problem with this is that I’m very character oriented. A movie set in the OT without the Big 3 is just… filler. It’s the same reason I never got much into the PT, have no desire to play TFU or any of the assorted Knights of the Old Republic games and stuff. And a very large part of why the NJO bored me silly. A SW book or game or TV show can be filler, but an actual movie? No.

    And you’re right, that’s not a reboot… Gah. Let’s just say I have a giant post peculating on all this, and hopefully it will all come together before the end of the month.

  3. Ah. Hm. Well, maybe the right team could create characters who are (almost) as enticing as the Big 3. Maybe. But yeah, there’s not a lot of room left to experiment with those characters short of a reboot….

    I look forward to your giant post. :)

  4. No one’s done it so far… Except maybe Legacy, and it took the whole Morrigan reveal to get me hooked there. So the odds are deeply against it.

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