Too bad I already used ‘Shocking!’ this week

Check out this Washington Post opinion piece from Lawrence Lessig on the legal ramifications of’s latest shiny toy. I don’t think anyone is really be surprised that LFL owns what’s created with Mashups – fandom has gone around this block before – remember when hosted those fansites?

The question is – are experienced vidders using this service? I doubt it – they already have access to superior software. I’d wager it’s like the blogs, most of the people who get into it are new to the concept entirely, and they’ll just end up being simply content with the system at hand, or evolve beyond it.

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  1. There is one major advantage of the OS Eyespot service: the music tracks are often split and isolated, allowing for much more seamless editing. Even if experienced editors prefer their own software, they’re not going to find a better audio source. I can see the appeal.

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