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Where Science Meets Imagination opens in Columbus. They even have a blog. Included is a list of the upcoming locations for the exhibits: Portland, Los Angeles, (where it leaves just before C4!) Philadelphia, Chicago, Fort Worth, and St. Paul.

Cinema by the Bay, the first release from George Lucas Books, out now. I thought it was already out?

Star Wars Kids explores Dagobah.

Kir Kanos and Mystery Figure 2 pack. This is the second of Hasbro’s line of Expanded Universe figures, which appear to be exclusive to Star Wars Shop.

New VIP blog: Aaron Allston’s “Pretty. What do we blow up first?”

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  1. Cinema by the Bay had a “May” release date. What that means to each publisher varies greatly. (Plus, I believe the publisher of this book ships from China, if I remember.)

    Can’t wait to get to the weekend so I can pick up Aaron’s book and the Cinema book!

    What is this thing you call sunlight?….

  2. Merry Freakin’ Christmas to me! The SW exhibit hits Portland in December… I think I have to go change my pants now as Portland rarely gets things of THIS fan caliber.

  3. Trace – it may be that you guys have the science musueum with the most exhibit space and/or the right openings in that area of the country… Note it’s the only one in the northwest, while the midwest has four!

    I’m kinda disapointed that Detroit (Or Grand Rapids, which has the $$$) didn’t get it (we DO have a Science Center!) but since both Columbus and Chicago are doable drives from here, and I’ve already seen it, won’t complain too much. :D

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