Today in The Clone Wars: Droids, droids, droids

Cartoon Network has added a Saturday morning showing of The Clone Wars to their schedule. Also at the link, writer Kevin Campbell talks about Artoo’s bits and pieces. Plus, the ‘Duel of the Droids’ preview.

2 Replies to “Today in The Clone Wars: Droids, droids, droids”

  1. it’s too bad that a lot of people were so distracted by the techno that they in turn disliked this last episode of clone wars. it was my favorite yet, and even though i certainly noticed the musical deviation, i didn’t mind it… actually like it after i got over my “john williams can only play star wars” bias.

  2. I kind of encourage the TCW guys to, well, deviate somewhat. They’ll never out-Star Wars the movies, considering

    (a) the 20 min. broadcast format,
    (b) the visual style,
    (c) the budget, and
    (d) the continuity restraints.

    So they might as well take a wild shot at what the movies never had a chance to do.

    I don’t know if that means techno. But they ought to have the freedom to experiment a bit.

    I still want to see episodes with no mention of any movie characters. Maybe that’s not how they want to do this, but there’s only so many times Anakin & co. can set out after Grievous, somehow never come face-to-face (as Filoni discusses on the latest commentary), and have Grievous backflip into his fighter and flee. It’s a big galaxy.

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