Thomas Dolby on his Star Wars movie rumor: “I should have chosen my words more carefully”

Having inadvertently unleashed an internet monster, he now clarifies that he misspoke (misstyped?) and that his LucasArts pal was actually talking about the eventual live action series:

A slight correction about the Lucas thing that my friend Paul Sebastien pointed out to me: he’s actually not aware of any movie plans, and was just talking about the live action TV show that George had talked about in an interview with an Australian TV station a while back. Paul is only working on the games side, and I know from past experience that he’s very professional and discrete, and would never leak confidential secrets, even to a close friend.

Even as I roll my eyes at these things, I gotta say I prefer them to the super-ignorant pre-prequel ‘They’re going to make a movie based on the Zahn trilogy,’ stuff, though. No one ever forgets that ‘third trilogy’ comment, even back in the dark ages. (via)

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  1. To be fair, at least this guy wasn’t trying to get attention. He genuinely believed he was getting insider information. He forgot, of course, that even in the Internet age Lucasfilm would keep any new SW movie under the tightest of wraps. To his credit, he retracted his claim. Too little, too late, though.

  2. Uh, George Lucas’ comment way back in the day (probably pre-Empire) that there would be three trilogies. (And/or 12 movies total.) He’s denied it at every turn since. (Not that he made the comment(s,) just that he’s done and two is all we’re getting.)

  3. Not that it matters… but I’m fairly sure he made the statements after ROTJ came out, as well. (Somewhere, I have a post-Jedi interview he did with Gene Siskel where he mentions it.) I don’t think he started denying the third trilogy until the 90’s, when the Zahn trilogy prompted a lot of questions. At that point, he admitted that there wasn’t really a story for Episodes VII-IX other than “wouldn’t it be fun to see the same actors when they’re old,” and he realized that further episodes would detract from SW being “the story of Darth Vader,” so he just dropped the plans altogether.

  4. Well, in all fairness: He only came up with SW as “the story of Darth Vader” when he started to work on The Phantom Menace. Before he had always described the Prequels as the adventures of young Obi-Wan Kenobi, which in a way is exactly what they are now. But the “story of Darth Vader” stuff is an urban legend or even an outright destortion of history. ;-)

    Anyway… Sequel rumors. Love them. Great opportunity to pay a visit to Supershadow and check out his totally authentic sequel coverage. :D

  5. Yeah, the more than six movies stuff is all before my time, so no big shock I’m a tad unclear on the details. I do pretty clearly remember the ‘story of Vader’ stuff, because it still makes me kind of roll my eyes. (I do a lot of that in this fandom, don’t I?) Do what you want, George, but not all of us are in it for Vader.

  6. just stumbled onto your site and it’s nice to see a forum where the contributors “roll their eyes” rather than tear each other to shreds – which is so uncivilised. Must be a gal thing – I’m a guy, b y the way.

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