Things aren’t looking good for Fanboys

Cinematical has a “super delegate secret spy source” on what’s going down with the Fanboys re-edits. The cancer remains cut, there’s a new editor, and on the whole, it doesn’t sound too promising:

Here’s where it gets messy: Apparently, both versions were screened for test audiences — and the new version only tested two points higher than the old version. My super delegate source also claims plants may have been in the audience — there to pursuade moviegoers to vote against the original version — but this has not been proven. In two days, after the old version was screened, Brill re-cut the film and they tested it again — this time it was tighter, dirtier and contained nudity, lots of F-bombs, the whole works. And even with all that, it still only tested two points higher than the old version. But since Weinstein had to justify the fact that they spent an extra $2 million on the re-shoots, they went with the newer, flashier, Without a Paddle-esque version of Fanboys.

Oh Hollywood, can you never leave well enough alone?

ETA: A response from Steve Brill.

3 Replies to “Things aren’t looking good for Fanboys

  1. That’s just lovely. They’ve edited it from a movie I was excited about, to one I would see, to one I might eventually rent. If not for Kristen Bell, maybe not even that.

    Well played, Hollywood. Well played indeed.

  2. Didja see this?

    Apparently a letter-writing campaign has resulted in a written response from the Weinstein Co… and wow. Just wow. (It’s it’s legit.)
    They might be completely believe in their reasons for the re-edit, but they’re shooting themselves in the foot with this response. There’s no reasoning with irate fans, Weinsteins! And asking for an apology? Oy.

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