There’s Something About Lois? Family Guy: ‘Something Something Something Dark Side’ on DVD

somethingThe second installment of Family Guy‘s retelling of the Star Wars saga comes out today on DVD and Blu-Ray (bypassing a TV broadcast). Entitled ‘Something Something Something Dark Side’, the Griffin family slips back into their Star Wars roles to retell The Empire Strikes Back. Does Darth Vader (Stewie) tell Luke (Chris) that he’s his father, or his brother?

  • Crave Online calls it freakin’ hilarious and a truly deranged spin on the Star Wars universe, and posts the trailer.
  • Metromix Atlanta says that it is worthy of purchase, but sums it up:

    “Now, this doesn’t have as many of those insightful moments as the “Blue Harvest,” nor is it as funny as the “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” episodes, but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t get this if you love either “Family Guy” or “Star Wars.” Especially since, at the moment, there are no plans to air this on TV (and even if they did, it would be without some of the best lines, if you know what I mean).”

  • Cinema Blend points out that a deluxe edition featuring a lunchbox and t-shirt (of the chicken as Boba Fett) is available at Best Buy.
  • Monsters and Critics has photos of the stars who came out for the Something Something Something Dark Side release party. Nathan Fillion?
  • Geeks of Doom ponders the potential of Family Guy spoofing Indiana Jones next, after they finish the Return of the Jedi parody, ‘We Have a Bad Feeling About This’.

So, need a last minute Christmas present for the Family Guy or Star Wars fan? This might be a winner!