3 Replies to “The very definition of facepalm”

  1. Amazing. I can’t believe that the website has even been recognized by Rowling herself, and they go and try to do something this stupid. They really don’t have a clue or they feel that they are above and beyond this. It’s hard to tell from their comments in the article if they are just idiots or have gotten a little too big for their fandom britches.

    I was wondering why the Encyclopedia at the website was getting a bit out of date. I guess they were going to put it all in the book.

  2. That is a bit disappointing. The Lexicon should know better…now parts of the site, original essays should be okay to publish, but not the HP encyclopedia style stuff.

  3. I love the publisher’s take on the issue: “Why does Rowling want to shut us down? Because this is the BESTEST BOOK EVER!”

    No such thing as bad publicity, indeed.

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