The Ratings Game – Clone Wars Rocks, Heroes Tanks

Entertainment industry strikes have an interesting way of shaking up the following season.  This one is no exception.

  • Heroes is steadily dropping with each episode:  down 18% from the already-sluggish season premiere.  However, according to EOnline, it’s doing really well on Hulu.  (Have you people learned nothing from Stargate?  TV execs and advertisers don’t understand this whole alternative viewing thing, yet.  Watch it live if you want to keep it!)
  • Sarah Connor is, according to SyFyPortal, on the verge of cancellation, but also thriving in the alternative market.
  • Chuck is holding on, but has also dropped 11%. 

So let’s focus on the happy, shall we?

  • Clone Wars set a new record for Cartoon Network with 4 million viewers.
  • Fringe won the coveted 18-49 demographic
  • And even Sanctuary drummed up strong numbers for SciFi with 2.7 million viewers.  (Although I suspect this will be another that soon bleeds off to online and DVR viewing.)

Remember, fellow geeks, only you can save TV shows:  watch them live!

4 Replies to “The Ratings Game – Clone Wars Rocks, Heroes Tanks”

  1. Yeah, watch them live (I can’t, I’m from country ‘far far away’ from the US). It’be a bad thing to lose a good show like Sarah Connor Chronicles, just when it gets really exciting…

    Fringe is great and I’m happy I’m not the only one to think so, heh.

    The Clone Wars – 4 millions. What to say more? The power of Star Wars is obvious.

  2. The sad truth is that sci-fi shows will always appeal most to those on the cutting edge of technology, and we can’t expect Hulu-users and DVR owners to simply change their viewing habits. Honestly — given the choice between watching an old program without commercials or a new show with ’em, who wouldn’t choose the old one?

    Until a new ratings system is devised, or until the studios find a way to incorporate product placement into futuristic/alien settings, sci-fi shows will always be in danger of cancellation.

  3. I don’t have cable anymore, so I watch ALL my shows online and on Or go to iTunes and pay for just the ones I want.

    I’m so glad people are watching Fringe and I’m not the only one! ;-)

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