The only movie reviews you’ll ever need

Every Siskel & Ebert Show is now online. It’s like my childhood in video form! (Random Thought: Can I attribute my +5 Fanboy Resistance to having grown up watching two men occasionally fight tooth and nail over movies?)

A search for Star Wars brings up five reviews – the Special Editions, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. (I’m not sure where The Phantom Menace is, but it may be it never appeared on the show, given Siskel’s death in February 1999.)

And while Ebert is made of win, I really do miss Siskel. While Roeper was the most palatable of the replacements they tried after his death (a lineup which included Harry Knowles) it’s just not the same.

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  1. Following Siskel’s death, Ebert did several shows alone — including the one in which he reviewed TPM. I remember it being a strange, somewhat sad episode. The entire 22 minutes was about SW, including a look back at the pair’s original review of ROTJ.

    I also miss Siskel. I grew up in Chicago, and worshipped him. (I even met him once, and he was awesomely nice in person.) Roeper is a fun guy, and a good writer, but he’s nowhere near as endearing as Gene was.

    BTW, ever seen this?

    Kinda shows just how much the film critic landscape has changed in a couple of decades.

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