The next big con is here

San Diego Comic Con started tonight, at least for those with media passes. The TOSblog has already grabbed some pics, and we know that Bonnie is there, so no doubt posts are forthcoming. (We also may have some CJers on the scene willing to weigh in.)

As for other LFL ventures, there’s a lot of online hype over this one little little pyramid.

Rebelscum is high on the collecting scene, snapping pics of all the new merchandise, including Sideshow’s Snow Bunny Padme (Remember her?.) Still meh.


5 Replies to “The next big con is here”

  1. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you, James. Keep posting!

    As usual, Mary has done a wonderful job with the Star Wars pavilion.

    And even though I hold a fair amount of skepticism about “The Golden Compass,” the art direction looks spectacular!

  2. Actually Pete Vilmur and Pablo Hidalgo are there right now, and I show up on Friday morning. (I’m still recovering from Celebration Europe!)

    I can’t spill the beans yet, but there’s lots of good stuff and surprises in store for fans this year! Plus I’ve gotten the usual rock star posse to go, so looks for some interesting celeb cameos on the Official Star Wars blog and Flickr blog!

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