The Harry Potter Lexicon trial, Day 3

IMAGE: J.K. Rowling and Steven Vander ArkYou know the deal, but here are the highlights: USA Today’s overview… The judge (who found the books to be ‘extremely complex’?!?) urged settlement! Legal analysis from fandom lawyers! Protests! Rampant snark!

And could Steve Vander Ark’s haircut be any more inappropriate for a 50-year-old?

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  1. In the office yesterday, we were all talking about the drah-ma of it all. Tears. Angst. Anger. Sadness.

    I don’t know. In this particular case, I think that Rowling is correct. Plus, there is a fine line in fan relationships with creators. If the creator says no, then let it go!

  2. Yeah, she’s in the right… but bringing JKR herself into the trial wasn’t a good PR move. It makes it look like the world’s richest author is picking on the 50 year-old virgin.

  3. Dunc, I know SVA is obviously full of crap when he says that the publisher pressured him into doing it — but imagine if this happened in SW fandom: there’s no way GL would be on the stand. It’s beneath him. He’d let Howard Roffman deal with it. Having JKR testify made the case about her versus the little guy, not about fair use. (And being mocked in the media makes him seem pitiful, not pathetic.)

    It’s bad for her image, is all. And imagine if she loses… yeesh.

  4. She came across pretty awesome to me, but I already thought Vander Ark was kind of a jerk… So I can see where you’re going.

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