The GFFA’s most dangerous weapons, sort of

Pablo Hidalgo takes checks off ten fantabulous Star Wars Superweapons from the laughable (Darksaber!) to the completely ridiculous (The Tarkin: just like Darksaber, but more than a decade earlier!) you’re sure to learn something. For one, in the Centerpoint Station entry:

Just one quibble: Wedge Antilles is Corellian and grew up in the Corellian system, which is home to this bizarre space station that is 350 kilometers in diameter. So why is he the guy who exclaims “look at the size of that thing” when the comparatively small Death Star comes into view?

And that’s why you should never take the EU too seriously, kids!

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  1. my guess is that Wedge never went to Centerpoint – something tells me that it was probably off limits to the casual tourist. most of his youth was spent on a fueling station on a small moon i think.

    it would be like saying – Billy’s an American growing up in America, and joins the Navy and on his first tour, goes to Hong Kong and is amazed by the Bank of China building even though there are American buildings taller than it – he’s just never been to Chicago to see the Sears Tower.

  2. Was Wedge’s moon in the main Correllian system? Because if so, that strikes me as kind of like being from Brooklyn and never having seen the Statue of Liberty, even at a distance.

    But you know, we’re overthinking this. Penance: Read twelve Wookieepedia entries and three TFN threads.

  3. Centerpoint has been around for tens of thousands of years. The Death Star is brand new and never before seen. Furthermore, Wedge had never been sent to SHOOT at Centerpoint. He had every reason to be shocked at its size.

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