The fun never stops on Livejournal

While I don’t find the banning of a couple of Harry Potter porn artists all that personally troubling, Six Apart’s bumbling reaction to fandom’s usual over-the-top flailing is not particularly heartening. (Though there are some hilarious responses.) Nor is the possibility that LJ founder Brad leaving is 6A a good sign. My advice? Watch LJ, watch 6A, but keep your head. And stay away from porn based on children’s books.

On the plus side, it did prompt a silly little quiz. And isn’t that what LJ is really about?

UPDATE; And it’s official.

3 Replies to “The fun never stops on Livejournal”

  1. I think 6A gives people hope everywhere that no matter how stupid you are, how antisocial, or how completely unable to deal with your customers you can be, you, too, can get a job at 6A!

    Do I care if a couple of HP porn artists got banned? Not personally, no. Am I concerned that 6A is treating their customers like crap and will start indiscriminately banning paying customers just because some jerk with a grudge learned how to operate the Report Abuse button? Unfortunately, yes. :/

  2. This is really interesting to watch. I don’t believe that the student HP characters, by the very nature of the fact that they’re minors (I don’t care how old you profess them to be when you’re drawing them), should be depicted in sexual acts. It crosses a line, in my opinion.

    But to watch how 6Apart is handling this? That’s a whole other train wreck, altogether.

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