The fandom minute: Star Wars spending

Making maths. Justin Brown calculates how much he’s spent on Star Wars over the years. And although it’s a nice chunk of change, it’s still less than one copy of Frames, so I’ll give him a pass, despite that whole Boba Fett thing.

A social experiment. Ryan Britt takes a look at just how confused Clone Wars loving kids may be by their first look at the rest of the movies. Could ‘Anakin becomes Vader’ end up as their ‘Han shot first?’

…And for their parents. John Scalzi looks at awesome scenes in bad movies.

Right at home. Artist Cedric Delsaux returns to fandom’s radar with a new set of Star Wars images taken in what may be the world’s most sci-fiesque city, Dubai.

Why stormtroopers miss. Cracked explains the much-maligned plot hole with science.

Eye Candy Vader and Yoda via font.

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  1. The Britt and Scalzi articles are both really interesting, but neither of them seems to go anywhere. I think Britt gets his point across better though, and I have to admit that with all of the hero’s journey/mythic overtones in Star Wars, I never thought about the conflicting social themes of the two trilogy eras.

  2. Thanks for all the great links. Those Delsaux pictures were on display at Celebration, but I am immensely pleased to see the one with the AT-AT and the highways again.

  3. I liked the article about the kids who are watching Clone Wars first. It’ll be very interesting to see how this colors things as they get older.

  4. Doyle: It’s the cartoon, really. In the PT (well, AOTC) it’s pretty clear that Anakin Has Serious Issues, and the clones (in ROTS) are just kind of there. The Clone Wars makes Anakin and the clones noble heroes, full stop.

  5. Dunc: That’s true, certainly. And, honestly, the prequels are kind of all over the place thematically. I had never really considered the OT to be anti-establishment though, and it’s sort of interesting because it’s something that I’ve never really seen discussed.

  6. Doyle: most of those discussions on the OT were made before the internet.

    Think about the heroes of the OT: a nobody farmboy, the outlaw with a fast ride, and a gun-wielding princess who becomes a revolutionary.

    and what do they do? Stick to the man. Blow up his weapon of oppression, because they’re all about freedom, baby. and the Establishment, with all their troops blindly loyal to their leader and all their technology can’t stop a single kid flying his own spaceship for the first time.

    Think about the heroes of the PT:
    politicians and protectors of the existing order. ie, the elites of society.

    and what do they want to do?
    Try to maintain the status quo while someone plots to take it away. Ie, being the man, while someone tries to stick it to them.

  7. That guy spent 3 grand? Lightweight. I have that much money in ONE of my seven 501st costumes. That doesn’t even count my two rebel costumes, the screen-used Starship Troopers costume, the old-skool Colonial Warrior, the Nostromo crew outfit. He obviously gets out too much.

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