The fandom minute: A Boba Fett movie? Really?

Oh, it’s you. Joe Johnston, the director of Captain America, wants to make a film about Boba Fett. Boba Fett? Boba Fett? I am disappoint. Good luck with that one, fanboy.

Some people have too much money. Meet the Star Wars Lamborghini.

Lists. Robert Lockard has five things that the prequels did right.

Artoo the Giant. Giant R2-D2 is made out of cardboard and… Tinfoil? Duct tape? I hope they didn’t leave him out in the rain.

Wacky things on the Wookieepedia. Unidentified head-bumping stormtrooper. Of course.

Your moment of zen. Darth takes a holiday.

4 Replies to “The fandom minute: A Boba Fett movie? Really?”

  1. I don’t know…I think I’m probably about as burned out on Fett and the Mandos as you are, Dunc. There’s something about this idea that appeals to me, though. I like Joe Johnston’s work more than not, and–while I’m sure that my own notion of that film’s story is far from what we would get–I’d gladly watch a Dark Times era film starring Temura Morrison. Especially if it places Fett in the Empire’s service, and uses him to present a bridge film between the two trilogies.

  2. Or they could just do it on the live-action TV show. For all we know, that script is already gathering dust as we type.

    And that’s a much better place for it than a movie.

  3. True enough. True enough. The show would be a better spot for that kind of story. I still tend to look at the show as being in the Will Never Happen category, though, which is why I think I went immediately to this idea working as a bridge project.

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