The CW keeps on genre shows

So Supernatural is getting a fourth season, which I can understand, because they seem to have a huge following, at least on Livejournal. (The show itself? I don’t get it. But then I always liked Jess more, anyway.) Smallville’s continued existence is a little more puzzling, but it is Superman, so go figure.

2 Replies to “The CW keeps on genre shows”

  1. I thought they were going to put Smallville out of its misery. Maybe it’s more interesting than when they lost me way back when?

    And Dean? How could you not love poor, clueless Dean? Rory needed to learn that she shouldn’t rely on looks, but go for brains instead.

  2. Every time I hear Smallville is coming back I’m surprised. That includes the first promos of the year…

    But Jess snarked! And made Luke angry! It was beautiful! Never had a hate-on for Dean or anything, but he was just kind of… there.

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